Best 1080p 144hz Monitor Of 2017

Best 1080p 144hz Monitor Of 2017

BenQ ZOWIE XL2411 24-Inch 1080P 144HZ Gaming Monitor for ESport Review

1080P 144HZ Gaming Monitor You must know D-sub, HDMI, Dual Link because these are necessary for A gaming monitor. Fast 144HZ refresh rate and 1ms response time is the best setup of the monitor. LED back-lit display gives you a better visual experience.

The reasons to Buy This 1080p 144HZ monitor

Spot Hidden Enemies: Black eQualizer increases the visibility and you can play your games in darck scenes without overexposing in bright areas.

Reasonable price: It’s much cheaper than any other 144HZ monitors.

Personalize Viewing Angles: The stand is adjustable and you can do this with only one finger. Maximize your comfort.

Something You May Not like

Compared with 27 Inch monitors, it does not have a S switch.

What Current Owners Say This 1080p 144Hz Monitor

You will know the value of if after using it for several days because it rapidly shows the advantages when you play games. This 144HZ monitor is much faster than other normal ones. Although it is tag pricy for some people but it must be better than those you can only for a few days.

Why It Is A Top Pick

It has a 4.3 out of 5 good grade. You will see almost all the compliment in the review. It means this BenQ ZOWIE XL2411 144Hz monitor is extremely reliable.

ASUS VG248QE 24″ Full HD 1920×1080 144Hz 1ms HDMI Gaming Monitor

This ASUS VG248QE 24″ Full HD 1920×1080 144Hz monitor may be one of the most popular game displays, it is often mentioned in the PC forum, they say the ASUS VG248QE 24″ Full HD 1920×1080 144Hz monitor is very easy to use. It has Ultra fast response speed and high resolution, so it attracted a lot of game enthusiasts. Another advantage of this 1080p 144hz Monitor is that there are two stereo speakers, then you can experience the pleasure of this entertainment at home.


High response: This ASUS VG248QE 24″ Full HD 1920×1080 144Hz monitor has fast response, so you can refresh the smooth movement quickly.

Two stereo speakers: this 1080p 144hz Monitor has two stereo speakers, it is very convenient to enjoy the pleasure of entertainment facilities at home

Adjustable: After the installation of the monitor, it can be also adjusted the height and tilted .


Because it is TN panel material, the color of the monitor has a bit lack .

What Current Owners

I really like this monitoe, it has the fast response speed, and it has two stereo speakers, the game sound is pretty good when I was playing, I think it is very worthwhile to buy it at this price.


The 1080p 144hz Monitor is so wonderful because of the sleek design and useful function, It is well worth buying!

Acer XF240H bmjdpr 24-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) AMD FreeSync Display (Display Port, DVI & HDMI Port, 144Hz Refresh Rate)

1080p 144hz MonitorThe Acer 24-inch Full HD 144Hz monitor is pretty good, it has a full HD display and high-resolution images, can give us a different viewing experience. The Acer 24-inch Full HD 144Hz monitor is equipped with eye protection technology, so it can reduce eye fatigue and give us a sense of comfort. This monitor is designed to be flexible, and we also find the right viewing angle at the station.


See gaming different: The full HD resolution of the display can show amazing, high-quality images, we bring a good visual experience.

Viewing comfort: the monitor is equipped with Acer eyeprotect technology, so it can reduce eye fatigue and give us a easeful viewing experience.

Sharp Style: The monitor allows you to find the right angle at the station as it can be tilted and rotated.


The monitor’s color has a bit lacking.

What Current Owners

This is a amazing 1080p 144hz Monitor! I just started to feel that this monitor is very general, there is nothing special, and later it was really great, ultra fast response speed, ultra clear image, but also it can ease the fatigue of the eyes, I like it very much!


This 1080p 144hz Monitor has fast response speedand ultra clear image, it can give us a different viewing experience