Best MIS 144HZ Gaming Monitor Of 2017

Best MIS 144HZ Gaming Monitor Of 2017

MSI 144hz Gaming Monitor 27″ Curved non-Glare LED Wide Screen 1920 x 1080 144Hz Refresh Rate (Optix G27C)

mis 144hz gaming monitorThis is a very popular game monitor, which has a refresh rate of 144Hz, full HD resolution can bring us a more realistic image. The control panel of the MSI Gaming 144Hz Monitor is designed to be very reasonable, and the ultra fast response speed makes us happier in the game. The MSI Gaming 144Hz Monitor color is very good, there are a lot of game enthusiasts praise it.


144hz Refresh Rate: The monitor has a high refresh rate of 144Hz, which can reduce the screen tearing and jitter phenomenon.

True Color: The monitor has a high resolution, it provide us with the most realistic and the most detailed image.

Wide Viewing Angle: It can view a clearer picture even in a broader perspective.


The monitor has a bit Small backlight bleeding.

What Current Owners Say This 144Hz Monitor

I like the design of the monitor and the color of the screen, it’s response is very fast, it is important that I will not feel tired even if I look at the monitor for a long time, I think this is a very worthwhile purchase.


The MSI Gaming 144HzMonitor has wide viewing angel and high Refresh Rate, it is very popular with game enthusiasts.