Best 144hz Computer Monitor For Gaming

Best 144hz Computer Monitor For Gaming Of 2017

FPS/RTS Optimized Viotek GN27C 27” Curved 144hz Computer Gaming Monitor Review

Best 144hz Computer Monitor For GamingGetting tired of the motion blur and annoying lags but struggling for a tight budget? You will fall in love with this GN27C gaming monitor with 144HZ refresh rate. The low blue light comforts your eyes and enables you to stay in the battle longer than ever. Moreover, great color reproduction from any viewing angles possible will make gaming on this monitor amazingly enjoyable.

The reasons to Buy This 144HZ computer monitor

Good for the price: Probably the best bang for a budget monitor from a decent brand.

A variety of connectivity options: Viotek monitors are supportive of all major connection types– Dual Link DV1, HDMI, and DP1 cables therefore it’ll work for about any rig.

Perfect gaming experience: With a curve radius of 1800mm and a resolution of 1920x1080p, the monitor creates a full sense of immersion, crystal clear picture and a more cinematographic feel.

Something You May Not Like

Being a rather large monitor, it is unavailable for vertical adjustment, which might bother some users with a personal preference.

What Current Owners Say This 144HZ Computer Monitor

The product arrived unscathed and in a flash! Unfortunately it only comes with an HDMI and to get 144hz you need a Display port cable which does not come with it. Other than it works unbelievably well and I would probably purchase another one for a dual screen setup. A pleasant online shopping experience.

Why It Is A Top Pick

With no dead pixels found, unbeatable price and butter-smooth running, this curved monitor is definite Top Pick that will level up your gaming lifestyle.

Best 144HZ Curved Monitors Of 2017

Best 144HZ Curved Monitors Of 2017

MSI Gaming Monitor 27- Inch Curved non-Glare LED Wide Screen 144Hz Monitor Review

Best 144HZ Curved Monitors Of 2017It’s hard to combine large screen with high resolution, however this monitor has made it. It is not only with high resolution, but with a fast-running rate—-144hz. This monitor equipped with a 27-inch curved screen, which made the screen more comfortable to watch.

The Reasons to Buy This 144Hz Monitor

Large Screen: This game monitor equipped a 27-inch screen, so users can change it into a television from a game monitor. With a large screen, users can enjoy movies on this monitor.

DUAL HDMI: This is a fantastic data transmission with high resolution. Equipped with this technique, users don’t worry about the quality of the pictures or videos after transmission because this monitor can keep the quality of pictures or videos unchanged.

2560*1440 Display: With 2560*1440 display, this monitor can provide a much more clearer picture than those lower displays.

Something You May Not Like

Because it is equipped with a 2560*1440 display, you have to keep the Display Port or add a digital video interface(DVI) to insure the speed of data transmission.

What Current Owners Say This 144Hz Monitor

It is such an excellent gaming monitor that I can say nothing bad to it. The fluency shows that it is not only a data transmission medium but a high-quality and fast data receiver. Moreover, the curved screen makes it more convenient for me to watch videos and play games because I can see the screen clearly from both its straight front and the sides in front of it.

Why It Is A Top Pick

DUAL HDMI, non-Glare LED Wide Screen, 2560*1440 display and good appearance are the factors that make MSI gaming monitor a tip pick.

FPS/RTS Optimized Viotek GN27C 27” Curved Computer Gaming Monitor

Best 144HZ Curved Monitors Of 2017This FPS/RTS Optimized Viotek Computer Gaming Monitor is able to eliminate motion blur to provide you with a lag free gaming experience. This 144HZ Curved Monitor is designed with a ed color combo and classic black. This FPS/RTS Optimized Viotek Computer Gaming Monitor is capable of bringing you amazing picture no matter how demanding the games are. This product can provide you with many colors and vivid images.


Dynamic contrast ratio: The 20,000,000:1 contrast ratio will bring you vivid images and you will be provided with all the details.

Connectivity options: This 144HZ Curved Monitor can bring you DUAL LINK DV1, DP1 and HDMI that these connectivity options gives you much convenience.

High resolution: The 1920x1080p high resolution eliminates motion blur for you and you will be offered the best gaming experience.


There is only 3 monitors left in stock.

What Current Owners

I was very impressed with this Viotek’s 32″ curved monitor! This item is well desgined with good contrast and good colors.I enjoy playing computer games with it very much. I was pleased with this purchasing.

Bottle line

This FPS/RTS Optimized Viotek gaming monitor features a modern design and is designed with many useful feature to provide you wonderful gaming experience. You will fall in love this perfect monitor at the first sight.